Sponsorship Information

SecIC is a 501(c)(3)

These sponsorships help cover the costs of our website and hosting, shirts, stickers, cryptocurrency mining, meeting, appetizers/refreshments and external speaker’s travel costs. This also goes towards the creation and support of educational workshops. Sponsoring at this level provides the following benefits:

  • Sponsor-provided banner hung in a prominent position on entry to venue.
  • General space for brochures, material, or swag available at event.
  • Sponsor will be announced during opening talk (SecIC 101).
  • Sponsor logo on website displayed at the bottom of the month’s schedule.
  • A representative (1) of the sponsor will have 60 minute exclusive one-on-one meeting with a member of the SecIC leadership team.
  • Sponsor logo displayed on surrounding televisions before and after meeting (during meeting will be used for SecIC media)
  • Sponsor has an opportunity to contribute to grab bag with branded items. (But is not required to)

If our defined option don’t match your budget or you would like to make a more significant sponsorship - we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to and we’ll figure something out.

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Communicate with SecIC which benefits will be utilized so we can better support the sponsorship.
  • Provide any and all banners or signage appropriate to the sponsorship outlined above.
  • Provide any and all brochures, material, or swag appropriate to the sponsorship outlined above.
  • Provide logo for inclusion in announcements.

Available sponsorship slots can be found below

Month Sponsor
Janurary TekSystems
March BSidesIowa
October ProCircular, Inc.


If you're ready to sponsor a month, fill out the form below. You'll be emailed a receipt and we'll provide a formal charitable donation receipt at the meeting.

Someone will contact you shortly after payment is completed.

Grand Total